Jennifer Walling has been working in varying mediums since childhood, she has three art degrees (fine arts studio, graphics & applied arts, art history)and one science degree. Art restoration was her original focus until allergies forced a change in direction toward graphics.

She has extensive and varied experience; as a graphics person designing, creating and even running the press for a library, a gallery and a small city government office. She has worked in galleries, managed framing shops (and is a certified framer), runs a small publication and currently works with the family independent testing lab business when not working on art or bookbinding.

Jennifer presents workshops on various methods of handbinding, printmaking and working with water soluble oils. She is a contributing editor at, the oldest online art community, and contributes to many online communities helping other artists with everything from licensing to coding for web sites. She is also the publisher of RUAH a bi-monthly periodical.

Her works are varied in medium. Jennifer works in water soluble oils, ink, monotypes, scratch board, and mixed media methods. All her images are of an expressionistic realism. While she has done photo-realistic works on commission she prefers working in a more impressionistic or expressionistic style. Living in a rural area within in minutes of many state parks, as well as her many travels have allowed Jennifer to develop a soft style all her own. Preferring nature or animal based subject matter she has been commissioned for architectural and portrait works as well. Her works are in private and public collections around the globe. Jennifer’s photographic images as well as her fine art images have also been licensed for use on items ranging from greeting cards to tableware to shower curtains to pajamas sold around the globe.